Statement on Modern Slavery

Statement on Modern Slavery

At Gato Gordo, we believe that everyone has the right to safe and fair working conditions, and to be treated with respect. We recognize that incidents of modern slavery occur in all sectors - including the food industry - and we are highly committed to addressing this complex issue.

We commit to taking steps to eliminate abuses and working proactively with our business partners to prevent forced labor, human trafficking, and child labor in our business and supply chain.

It is expected that our workers and business partners raise concerns using the appropriate reporting channels. We investigate all such reports thoroughly and implement corrective actions whenever necessary.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, or intimidation, and we are dedicated to promoting a safe working environment for everyone that fosters equal opportunities and inclusion.

If we have concerns that a supplier does not meet our standards, we strive to collaborate and address the issues promptly. If the flagged issues are not resolved in a manner and timeframe we deem appropriate, we will not work or continue to work with that supplier.

We take any violation of our policies - including allegations of abuse in a work context - extremely seriously!

Labor exploitation is often a hidden crime and difficult to detect. We acknowledge that organized criminals often seek to launder funds generated through modern slavery. We have a robust set of processes in place to detect and respond to fraud and money laundering risks. By directing the flow of funds with appropriate controls, we can help prevent instances of modern slavery in the restaurant sector. In 2022, we expanded our blocking capabilities to prevent integration with restaurants and stores with which we do not wish to do business - including any restaurant identified by relevant authorities as having committed modern slavery offenses.

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