The company Gato Gordo stands out for being driven by personal initiative and financing, without depending on institutional or public investors. This unique approach gives the company remarkable autonomy and freedom in making strategic decisions.

By choosing a business model based on self-resources, we take full responsibility for the development and direction of our venture. This financial independence allows us to explore growth opportunities according to our vision and values, without the pressure of external commitments.

Furthermore, the absence of institutional or public investors can result in greater agility in executing projects and implementing innovations. We can adapt quickly to market changes, avoiding the bureaucracy associated with more complex decision-making processes that often characterize organizations with external funding.

However, it is important to note that financial autonomy comes with its own challenges, such as the need for efficient management of our available resources and increased responsibility in achieving positive results. By adopting this approach, we stand out not only for our entrepreneurial nature but also for the courage to take on the risks and challenges inherent in this financing option.

In summary, being driven by personal and private initiative and financing represents a strategic choice that shapes the identity and trajectory of our company, providing remarkable independence in the business landscape.

Delivery is a complex three-sided market involving consumers, couriers, and merchants. Bringing value to all three sides of the market and balancing their interests is crucial for our short, medium, and long-term success. It is crucial that this is done hyper-locally.

When it comes to profitability, hyper-local network effects are paramount. In our business, the profit potential is related to local population density, purchasing power, the availability of merchants, and our local market share. Focusing initially on neighborhoods with the highest profit potential is fundamental. Therefore, analyzing our business through a hyper-local perspective remains essential to our strategy, both operationally and financially.

We remain steadfast in our hyper-local approach, developing the best value proposition for the consumer neighborhood by neighborhood - seeking market share gains, profits, and sustainable cash flow generation. At the same time, we will continue to invest and create new and better experiences for the consumer, as we have always done.

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