At Gato Gordo, we are committed to supporting our marketplace, being a part of the communities we serve, and taking action to drive sustainability.

We aim to play our part in reducing plastic waste, food waste, and the carbon emissions created by our operations. Additionally, we want to incentivize and accelerate new behaviors that contribute to lasting, sustainable change within our sector. As a platform, we are well-positioned to meet consumer demand for more sustainable practices and drive change among our partners.

The six key pillars at the core of our mission are:

  1. Achieving carbon neutrality and reducing waste

    • Reducing our own direct emissions while supporting our partners and consumers in reducing their emissions, as well as food and packaging waste.
  2. Supporting merchants to grow and be more sustainable

    • Providing our merchant partners with new opportunities to increase revenue, enhance brand value, and maximize profit potential through online delivery, while supporting and enabling more sustainable practices.
  3. Distribution and thriving

    • Offering people the flexible work they value, along with the security they deserve, as well as attractive earning and learning opportunities.
  4. Facilitating healthier eating

    • Providing our consumers with the best selection, availability, and value in healthier options, as well as tools to help them make informed decisions about what to order.
  5. Addressing food insecurity in our communities

    • Establishing appropriate partnerships in our communities to help combat food insecurity.
  6. Building a diverse and inclusive company and marketplace

    • Creating a diverse talent team where everyone feels at home within Gato Gordo, while supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our marketplace.
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